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OKAY Expo concept: 3 steps


Event organiser or venue registers here.


Platform managers process and clarify, if required, the information, and provide a proforma subscription offer and a contract.


Having signed the contract, the exhibitor gets access to a personal account.
The platform establishes links to your event, and you may start using its services.

Currently we offer basic platform modules

  • Making appointments
  • Attracting and delegating
  • Statistics
  • Video broadcasting
  • Promotion

Modules under development

  1. Additional services:
    • Presenting stand fitting contactors, designers, managers who will present your company at the stand, on the platform website.
  2. Event promotion module
  3. Platform mobile apps

Platform modules

Making appointments

Making appointments
Making appointments

What is a successful event? Want your event be deemed successful? Then, have it particularly appreciated through ultimate adaptation to the needs of every exhibitor. The main goal of exhibitors is to make as many useful acquaintances as possible.

We live in the world of hyperconnectivity, when multiple studies show that successful dealing and sales are still dependent on interpersonal communications. That is why business communication activities within an event as a whole are more sought for nowadays than ever.

OKAY Expo platform provides easy and accessible way to communicate with an event participant /exhibitor/ (MATCHMAKING) 10 days before the event kick-off by any of the following channels:

  • Video chat. Using the video chat, the user can see certain elements of the future exhibition, feel the vibe and gather some preliminary details about an event participant in advance. A registered user shall select an event participant form the list and open a video chat therewith. The video chat provides maximum details about an exhibitor and enables real-time video communication with a company manager.
  • Text chat. A registered visitor shall select an exhibitor to chat with and start discussing all the matters of interest.
  • Selecting the time and appointing an on-site meeting. The registered Visitor and the exhibitor shall choose the time to meet and appoint a meeting. It is a time saver for the exhibitor and the visitor, for both parties can be focused on their matters of interest to the utmost extent.
  • Meeting statistics. Below each exhibitor’s window there will be counters of potential appointed meetings and actual on-site meetings.

Attracting & Delegating

Attracting & Delegating
Attracting & Delegating

The Attracting & Delegating module is unique in a way that it can be used either

  1. in terms of travel limitations, as exist during the pandemic, or
  2. to attract exhibitors through OKAY Expo.

An exhibitor wishes to join an upcoming event, but there is a problem: he/she cannot reach the venue. Then:

  • The potential exhibitor delegates his/her rights and questions to the OKAY Expo platform.
  • The service department of the platform proposes a stand fitting contractor and managers to engage for on-site attendance during the event, to the exhibitor.
  • Extra furnishings and services for convenient exhibiting.
  • The exhibitor selects an event and submits a form to the platform to declare his/her intention. Every matter and issue thereafter shall be dealt with and solved by the platform.
  • Maximisation of exhibitor attraction to the event is a matter of interest to every organiser. However, sometimes it is too effort- or resource-demanding for an organiser to attract exhibitors abroad. But there is the OKAY Expo platform intended to assist the organiser then, which, in cooperation with agents, engages certain exhibition space in order to attract exhibitors on its own behalf.
To do this
  1. A venue/organiser shall register to OKAY Expo.
  2. An agent willing to make an agreement with the organiser shall complete and submit a form.

OKAY Expo platform managers contact the organiser directly to discuss every possible method of agent involvement and provide the Agent with all required information without the need for the organiser to be distracted from the main activities, thus, synchronising the Agent and the Organiser by its own algorithms.

Video broadcasting

Video broadcasting
Video broadcasting

When a willing visitor cannot attend an event, for some reason or other, he/she can use the video broadcasting module. Just join to watch a certain stand or the exhibition as a whole, provided that the broadcasting has already started and you are subscribed.

Choose a country and an event to enjoy live broadcasting.



The meeting appointment module includes potential meeting statistics and actual meeting statistics. Additionally, there is a separate block which contains:

  • Total appointed meetings data
  • Event data
  • Attendance data



Every exhibitor is willing to get as many useful acquaintances at an event as possible. But what if the event outcome is far from desired, and the perspectives are uncertain?

If that is the case, the exhibitor completes a form, stipulating his/her proposals concerning promotion of his/her services on the target market, and submits it to the OKAY Expo platform.

Our managers shall contact the applicant within 2 working days to discuss the matters of interest, and send a respective cooperation offer.



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